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Energy Healing and Upgrades

It is VITAL that we keep our human energy system in good working order for our own well-being.  When we maintain good energy management and upgrade as needed, we are in better condition for all aspects of our lives, including relationships, family, jobs, mental and emotional health, as well as spiritual health!

Session pricing:  All sessions are charged according to frequency of visits.  Once/wk sessions receive $10 discount for any service.  Bi-monthly sessions receive $5 discount for any service.  Once/mth or less will be full price.

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Reiki is a healing system for deep relaxation that promotes natural healing for all levels of your being.  It is best to maintain your energy health by receiving Reiki at least once/mth. 

This is NOT the same as a massage.  This is hands on healing, being fully clothed.  If you prefer no touch healing, I use Reiki in the aura.


When dealing with deep, recurring issues that need healing, it is best to receive Reiki 1-2 times/mth, or sign up for Soul Salad Sessions with Cathy.

60 mins                                       $70

Remote (online video)                $60

Reiki/Cupping combo

90 mins                                       $120

For a 90 min Reiki session, please schedule the Evolutionary Reiki Session


Guided Akashic Journey

This session is a guided journey that includes Reiki healing, light language, gemstones and sound healing.


For issues that you want to resolve, or discover; for accessing and downloading upgrade codes for your personal journey of evolution.

This session can also be like a pleasure cruise in your own library of records. Simply BEING in the vibrational environment of the Akash can be uplifting and life changing.

Access your personal Akash; or planetary, universal or galactic Akash.

90 mins            $120

2 hr                   $150

NOTE:  This session is NOT an Akashic Reading, its a guided journey.  If you wish to receive an Akashic Reading, I can refer you to an experienced Reader who is local to this area.

Dealing With Fear -

A Guided Journey with Metatron

The first 30 mins of this session is prep for the table session and journey by discussing the fears you want to address.

Along with Metatron, I will accompany you to the beautiful, magical Garden of Metatron where there is an energy “waterfall”, an energy “lake” and a white stone altar in a beautiful grove of trees, where you will be ministered to by 13 ancient Ladies of Light, in regard to the specific fears in your life.  


Metatron appears as a beautiful purple ball of light, full of beautiful sacred geometries that follows us all throughout the garden and embodies you at the end of the session at the white stone altar.


Along the journey, you may also encounter faeries, nature spirits, various birds, dolphins and other water life.


 It’s truly a magical garden that is not of this world…it is other dimensional, safe, full of fun and light heartedness.  Light heartedness is NOT a vibrational match for any fear programs!  


So, schedule now to experience a very different way of dealing with your particular fear factors.  Even if you are unable to identify your fears, Metatron and the 13 Ladies of Light will meet you where you are, and minister Love, Light and help to UPLIFT you beyond the vibrations of fear.

2 hr session          $150

Experience has taught me that if fear cannot be overcome by energy healing sessions, or by working with Metatron, then the fear is serving as a teacher.  For such situations, it is best to look into the Soul Salad Sessions for assistance.

Evolutionary Reiki Session


This 90 min session is for the purpose of upgrading your energy system, and the best session for beginning your incremental upgrading! 


Because we are energy, made up of soul/mind programs, a good example of upgrades is like the computers and phones we use; your system needs to be OPTIMIZED! 


This session assists in helping you and your system adjust to the rapidly shifting energies of our human evolution!!



Polarity Balancing

Activation of energy digestive system

Activation of Earth Connectors

Brain reconfiguration

Crossing Energies

90 mins                                 $120

First Time EvR session        $100

Diamond Inlay

Upgrade Session

5 different diamond inlays in this session.

  • Re-structures your energies in ways that make it safer to move beyond ordinary consciousness, into your soul's truths.

  • Builds "bridges" into your intuition so you can better hear the whispers within.

  • Addresses energetic blocks to higher consciousness and assists in ushering  you to your highest possibilities.


  • Enhances psychic abilities and attunement to information from "the other side"

  • Soar while grounding!  As your consciousness is elevating, this session also helps ground you so you are ready to take quantum leaps of consciousness that might otherwise be overwhelming.

  • Includes sound healing

        90 mins          $120

Axiatonal Alignment with 30+ crystals

Axiatonal Lines are best described as energy lines that connect you to the greater multi-dimensional acupuncture system, and empowers the 3rd dimensional acupuncture system functions that we are more familiar with.

  • connects you to the greater reality grid

  • connects your human meridian system to the universal meridian system

  • opens spin points into all cells.


  • 30+ crystals on body

  • Includes Reiki, brain reconfiguration upgrade, light language and sound healing.

       90 mins               $120

What Synergy Clients Say


I have known Cathy for several years now. But it was not until this past year that I participated in any reiki sessions or certification classes. And in that short time my level of respect and appreciation for Cathy has not only increased personally, but professionally as well. She has a very unique and vibrant way of teaching reiki, one that embraces and engages individuals of all backgrounds and points of view. She is a consummate professional that has dedicated her life to practicing and teaching others reiki. And that's reflected in her genuine and sincere approach to her classes. She gives the type of effort, enthusiasm and expertise that any aspiring reiki practitioner would want from their teacher.  And in addition to her vast knowledge of reiki and many years of experience, Cathy remains humbly open to evolving her practice and techniques to better suit her students and clients. All in all, it's been an honor and privilege to learn from Cathy, and I truly believe anybody that has taken a reiki certification class with her can say the same."

Namaste 🙏


I have been going to Cathy for almost a decade now for cupping therapy. Cupping has changed my life. Being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2014, I knew I needed to begin a wellness journey, specifically holistic. With the regular cupping sessions with Cathy, I have experienced a major improvement in my Lyme symptoms. Cathy also offers Reiki sessions, which I just started about a month ago and have definitely felt a positive shift in my energy and mood. She is one-of-a-kind in her business. Very knowledgeable, compassionate, empathic, beautiful soul. Thank you for your kindness and for all your help with my journey to peace and wellness.


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