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Cathy has extensive experience, certifications and qualifications in various areas of Mind-Body-Spirit work!

You have several options, such as single services, combined services, and even packages you can purchase for yourself , family or friends!
For more details on Cathy's services, navigate through Service Options, Soul Synergy, Classes and Events!


Cupping is my replacement for deep tissue massage.  Cupping is PAINLESS and deeply effective - maybe even more effective than deep tissue!!  I use various methods and cupping instruments for all parts of the body.

Lymph Drainage Medicupping

The lymph system is the body's toxic waste system, and DOES NOT have it's own pump to move out the toxins effectively!  Medicupping lymph drainage is a different protocol than manual lymph drainage with fingers.  The suction action of the medicupping machine draws toxins to the dumping areas of the lymph system so that deep toxins can safely and effectively exit the body through the elimination system.  I recommend healthy individuals receive lymph drainage medicupping about every 3 months.  

For people with chronic inflammation, metal poisoning, autoimmune disorders and Lyme Disease, lymph drainage medicupping may be necessary more often, to be discussed in consultation.

Other services:

Integrative Reflexology

Spiritual and Personal Energy Management coaching

Reiki Services  and classes

Chakra Balancing

Cord Cutting (energetic and psychic)

Public Speaking and Teaching

Evolutionary Energy Upgrade Services:

Upgrade services are for those who are consciously cooperating with the on-going evolution of their human energy system.

Each of these sessions address various dormant functions and aspects of yourself that were, at one time in our human history, the NORM for our human energy system and life experiences - but incrementally began shutting down, resulting in the limitations of our Original Power.

For more information on what services might be best for you, contact Cathy via email or phone to discuss these options. 

It is my strongest recommendation to set up a package series so that you receive at least 3 Evolutionary upgrade appointments to incrementally raise your vibration and activate Source Codes of your personal evolution, so that you can ENJOY your evolution, and be better able  to cooperate with suggested practices and techniques offered in these appointments.


                        Evolutionary Reiki Session
                        Diamond Inlays
                        Axiatonal Alignment
                        Guided Akashic Journey
                        Dealing With Fear - Guided Journey With Metatron
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