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Who Am I?

I am a blessed woman who gets to INJOY the work I do to financially support myself.  In isn't even the right word!!  I so deeply and broadly enjoy ALL the services I offer and the wide variety of clients that I serve with LOVE, LAUGHTER, HUMOR and DEPTH!  Work?, INjoyment!

I am a mother of 3 grown men, 4 grandchildren (2 of whom are adults!!), loving daughter and single woman.

I have been in spiritual coaching service for over 40 years.  I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2006.  I have been doing energy healing sessions for over 20 years. I live a simple and quite solitary life .

It is my biggest life passion to assist people in their journey of personal feels like "home" to me when I am assisting others in this way.  And so I have been diligent to receive as much education as I can in my journey of assisting others, so of course it's my great pleasure to share what I've learned and experienced. 

My Personal Philosophy


In my experience, Quality of Life is all about feeling empowered, feeling like you are the Director of your soul, your body and your energy...including thoughts, emotions and other subtle energies.  EMPOWERMENT is the basis of my spiritual coaching, classes, personal training and group work.  I love doing my part to help people feel empowered from within, and to get back into the Director's Seat of their lives!

My Experience and My Approach to Life and "Work"

My 40 plus years of spiritual experience and service, and all my training in body/mind/energy modalities have been for the purpose of assisting others with integration of body, mind and soul for self-empowerment, and learning how to better manage various aspects of their human experience.  I feel so deeply called in this Life to serve my fellow humans and our Earth Mother.  I do so humbly, gratefully and happily!!  I LOVE the human soul and the Earth.

I LOVE working with Mother Nature, what some of us call "Earth Work".  I cleanse and charge crystals with Reiki energy to place back into the earth and waters, with the intention of the crystals assisting in Earth's much needed cleansing and healing.  I keep charged crystal points and sage in my vehicle so that I am ready to "plant" when the spirit moves me to do so!  I am an Earth Worker in many ways and offer unadvertised assistance teaching others how to care for and assist the Earth, how to energetically cleanse their homes and offices....along with personal energy services!

I LOVE teaching, coaching and listening to the stories and life experiences of my clients.  I learn so much about Life, humanity, life views and approaches through the eyes of others.  I think this is another big quality area of Life....sharing experiences, sharing assistance and practices that might be beneficial for YOUR Life.

I am known to tailor my work with clients, classes and groups.  It's no secret that the same approach and practices do not work the same for everyone.  I listen to my clients' words, but most importantly to their heart....the space between words (!!), in order to intuit what may work best for each person or group.

My approach is integration of intuition, training and experience.  

Overall, and in general, I am here to assist with the challenges and joys of our human evolution, as well as the evolution of all Life Forms.  I consider this to be my primary call in Life and my primary "work",  I feel honored to serve in thse ways.  I would love to work with YOU...choose your pleasure from my service menu!

May you walk in peace, love and light with LIFE, and be the best Expression of the Source of Life within that is YOU!

Abstract Glow

Walk in peace!

live in love with life

All sessions are best done face-to-face to ensure the most accurate results. Please contact us for any personal queries

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