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Conversations With Cathy










Join me on a journey of exploration into the depths of humanity's evolution.  



These videos are discussions that are unformatted, untimed and unedited.  

Sometimes we get deep and intense, sometimes we chat about strange experiences; and other times we get into the weird and whacky and just have a hoot and holler!!! 


Me and my guests agree to get together and record our conversations about many and various topics in regard to the spiritual/energy  aspects of our collective and personal evolution of humanity.

What are our human origins?

Whats the true story of our creation?

What is direct Source connection?

Are we being assisted in our evolution by other beings?

What are my Other Aspects?

How is the Human Energy System changing in our evolutionary processes?

And MANY MORE topics in 

Conversations With Cathy

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Welcome to my living room, or my treatment space, or someplace else!

Pt 1 of 2

Cathy with Michael Garber and his permission to post

Human evolution, Your evolutionary blueprint,  Human energy upgrades, Human and earth programs, Michael introduces QHHT sessions...and more!

Pt 2 of 2

Being fully human, Communication with your body and Divine functions of Ego.

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