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(For private personal energy management sessions, select Soul Salad Sessions or Coaching Sessions




Check back for next scheduled class!  OR schedule private training by contacting me.


Five weeks of 2 hour teaching and practice sessions with Cathy to assist you in developing daily alignment practices.  


  • Alignment with the Source Life that YOU are!

    • the spark of Original Life that is the Source of ALL living creatures and beings!

  • Alignment with your evolutionary blueprint (aka life plan, life contract)!

    • each of us created an energy "plan" - a particular matrix of codes and instructions for our personal evolution before we incarnated into this particular life and personality.  That blueprint lies within the DNA and Akashic Records, deep within, and now we can consciously access our own blueprint.

Source Intelligence is the INFORMER of the evolutionary BLUEPRINT, so we must be in alignment with Source in order to start working, consciously, with the details of the plan WE helped create for this Life!

In this series, Cathy works in a tailored way with each group, once per week, for the duration of the 5 week program.  You will learn and PRACTICE...

  • Connection/Alignment - REstoring Source as the PRIMARY ASPECT of your Being

  • Immersion and saturation of Source at all levels, layers, densities and dimensions of your Being; affecting all functions of every system, and affecting all life times

  • Grounding and Anchoring so that you will more easily bring all of the above into manifestation and actualization in your daily Life

  • Surround and protecting your energy field/aura so that only that which is in resonance with your personal evolutionary blueprint can plug in and have influence

  • Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, and those times when you feel like you're gonna freak out or explode

  • Learn simple and effective exercises to calm your energy, stimulate your energy when feeling tired, clear your mind, "zip up" so you contain your own energy, and meridian tracing to help correct dysfunctional energy flow in the meridian pathways

The Personal Energy Management Series is designed specifically for YOU, so although the basics remain the same for everyone, Cathy has a unique way of tuning into your blueprint in order to tailor the program for your optimal benefit!  You will also receive some hands on Reiki assistance during this program....yum yum!

This series must be paid for and scheduled in advance in order to receive the discount rate in comparison to single services.

HINT!  Click on the pics below for some teasers about this series!  

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