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Working With Your Personal Akashic Records


Bring:  notebook, pencil/pen, a quartz crystal you will dedicate to Akasha work, blanket/pillow or whatever you need to make you comfy and cozy.  We have some yoga mats and blankets at The Hov.  Also have in mind a specific intention or retrieval you want to work with in your Akashic Records. 

Energy Exchange at time of class:  $75

Registration is REQUIRED, and Attendance is limited, so register soon:

There are many Akashic records:  personal, city, state, nation, planetary, universal and galactic. All Akashic records are along the same lines as a BOOK OF LIFE.

In this workshop, you be learning information about personal Akashic Records and how to access, retrieve and download energy codes specific to your intention during sleep time and meditation.  You will be given handouts for step-by-step guidance so you can work within your personal Akash at night.

This teaching portion will be followed by "floor time" with a guided mediation to acclimate yourself to the very different energetic environment of your Akasha.

Crystal bowls will be used, and Light Language may come forth to assist in this energetic transmission to assist your body, soul, mind and emotions in acclimating to the Akasha environment.

Your personal Akasha contains all the information from every lifetime you have lived, and potentials for this lifetime, according to the blueprint that you created for your human experiences.  There is much to be learned and experienced when you begin working more intimately with your own BOOK OF LIFE!

33 Wilson St, Westover WV
Locust Ave 
Fairmont, WV
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