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Soul Salad Sessions

Six to twelve months of personal sessions for Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing and  other services that will gracefully assist your personal  ascension and evolution.


Sessions can be done in my treatment room or online

This is a 6-12 month package offering for those who want a variety of services, or more in-depth assistance in their personal journey of evolution.  All services are synergistic with each other so YOU get to choose your personal mix to please your soul!!  It’s kind of like making yourself a garden salad.  The base of a salad is lettuce and then you add goodies to the lettuce to make a salad. ; in Soul Salad Sessions, the base is Reiki. Reiki empowers all other modalities, then you choose the other goodies in your soul salad.


What is included in Soul Synergy Sessions?

One 90 minute session per month in my treatment room.  You choose anything that is included in my services menu!  EVERY package includes energy healing and upgrading your energy system, in addition to the option of cupping. 

Your first appointment is a consultation where we create your plan of treatment.  Depending on consultation time, we also include some energy healing in first session.


What do you want and need?

Some people need more spiritual/energy coaching and education than body or energy work.  Some people need more energy healing or energy upgrading than coaching or body work.  And then some people need body work along with coaching and energy healing.  I will offer suggestions based on your consultation, and you choose the plan and package.

All package sessions are arranged to be specific to each person’s desires, whether that is primarily 1 area of service, or all services.


Service Menu

  • Evolutionary Reiki sessions

    •  this is a basic energy upgrade and a great place to start!

  • Advanced Energy Upgrading sessions 

    • some like to call this ascension support

  • Axiatonal Alignment

    • includes a specific technical type of energy upgrading with 30+ crystals on the body

  • Personal Akashic sessions and coaching so you can access your own records and work within your own Akash as needed 

    • this is where we can do some past life regression work, as well as other deeper work in various areas of your life

  • Chakra clearing and rebalancing

  • Cupping

  • Massage

  • Reiki/Cupping combo

  • Spiritual coaching, EFT and education

  • Personal Energy Management

  • Reiki 1 attunement and training (this is a 2 session service)

  • And HOMEWORK to empower yourself and your personal ascension

Soul Synergy Packages

  • 6 or 12 sessions, scheduled in advance                  $100/mth cash, check only

  • If you have to change your appointment date to beyond the one month window, you will be charged full price of 90 min sessions

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